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Quoting the Bible, Prayers, Saints, and Other Notable Catholics

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“Nothing is far from God.”

St. Monica


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Welcome to The Quoting Catholic blog. My attempt to collect quotes from the Bible, saints, and other Catholic figures and prayers to express my love and commitment to my faith through blogging. I have found blogging very enjoyable in expressing other areas of my life. I have two other blogs where I focus on other interest: Pathfinder:MotherWifeStudentWorker on WordPress and PsychQuotes on Tumblr. However, I felt I needed to start another blog that focuses completely on my faith. For that reason, I started The Quoting Catholic. Whether or not anyone comes by, I will continue to collect quotes. If you like them you can leave a comment or “Like” the post.


Entrance to a church at the San Antonio Missions Historical Park